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“Turkish icon” of the protests is in actuality an American

It has come to light that the iconic “Modern Turkish Woman” whose image has been virally spread by advocates of the protests since the second day of the Gezi Park protests is in actuality an international who is not a Turkish citizen.

The images that portray a young woman standing in front of a riot control vehicle while being sprayed, and later dancing in front of it with a fried have been in circulation on social media sites since the first days of the Taksim Gezi Park protests. Being depicted as a Turkish Woman by both social media and news agencies alike, the identity of the individual is alleged to be Kate Cullen.

On her won site, Cullen states that she is employed at the Sidney University of Technology. Cullen, alleged that on the 5th chemical weapons were used in Taksim, and asks for the aid of chemists. Cullen also states that she was helped by a woman whom she does not know the name of, and expresses her thanks for her from her heart.

Examining her Facebook page her thoughts on the Gezi Park protests can clearly be seen through the photos of the park and other related photos she posted. The most attention catching of the photos is the one she posted from Isfahan in Iran.

Here is what she shared on her Facebook page;

"Clear evidence of police using chemical warfare in Taksim. I'm not sure what chemicals were being used (any chemists out there have an idea?) but the pain was so intense I was sure I would go blind and have permanent scaring. If it wasn't for an incredible woman who treated me (whose name I never got, and who I will probably never see again or ever be able to thank), I might well have. Thank you from the bottom of my heart anonymous woman!!! You are the embodiment of the solidarity shown by everybody in this protest!"


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