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Russian radar on the Turkish border


France's Le Figaro newspaper recently wrote that Russia has set up a radar base along the Syrian-Turkish border, from which they are observing what is transpiring in Turkey, as well as on İncirlik Base.

As the public uprising in Syria continues to edge towards full blown civil war, France's Le Figaro has recently put forth an interesting claim that Russia has established a radar base near the Syrian-Turkish border in a village called Kesab from where activities in Turkey as well as the İncirlik and NATO bases are being observed. According to the Le Figaro article, the radar system, which was set up over the past few months, also provides the opportunity to closely track the activities of the opposition movement to Bashar Assad's regime. The article stated that the population in Kesab, which is situated at an elevation of 1,300 meters, primarily consists of Armenians and Alevis that are staunch loyalists to the Assad administration.


The international community continues to exert pressure on Russia to cut support offered to Bashar Assad. French Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius has announced that Russia is involved the preparation being made for the post-Assad era in Syria. Speaking on France's Inter radio station, Minister Fabius commented that Russia is becoming increasingly distanced to Assad and stated, "The probability of reaching a compromise on Syria with the Moscow administration continues to increase."
Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov states that his country is in no way involved in any plans related to Assad's resignation. Lavrov went on to state, "That we have held any discussions with anyone regarding the post-Assad era is a lie."

Meanwhile, combat between the Syrian opposition and the regime's troops continued yesterday. At least 30 people were killed in events that transpired following the Friday prayer.

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