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Gül makes promise for reforms


In an announcement released for May 1st Labor and Solidarity Day, President Abdullah Gül assured that they will be determinedly realizing a series of labor reforms.

In a message released by President Gül for Labor Day he stated that fulfilling the demands of laborers constitutes one of the basic factors for peace and stability in this nation.

"It is based on this understanding that Turkey, which has taken significant steps in recent years in order to establish the highest standards in the work place as it has done in a number of areas, will continue with determination to realize the reforms needed in the upcoming period."

In his celebration of May 1st Labor and Solidarity Day, President Gül expressed his wish that the community celebrate May 1st in unity and solidarity and expressed the hope that the painful past will be left behind us and for this day to now become one which makes us smile and look happily towards the future.

Emphasizing that all of the existing issues will be solved with mutual understanding and compromise, Gül stated, "I believe that all segments of society will celebrate this May 1st Labor and Solidarity Day based on its true meaning with celebratory sentiments and in a festive environment."

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