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Erdoğan: If the Annan plan fails, a heavy duty will befall the U.N.


Providing an interview with Al Jazeera during his stay in Qatar, Prime Minister Erdoğan warned Syria to not repeat border violations, offered his optimism of the Annan plan and expressed his contempt for Assad's actions.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan delivered the following messages during an exclusive interview on Al Jazeera while in Qatar:

(In the case of a repeated border violation) "We have strong armed forces. We continue to take careful steps in regards to this point. However, Syria should know that when it comes to border violations, should they repeat the same mistake, Turkey will not take the same style of approach. They need to be very well aware of this and they already are."

"My heartfelt wish is for Annan to be successful. This is what I am expecting. However, I am of the opinion that if the plan fails, a very important duty will await the U.N. Security Council."

"We have never been an enemy to Syria or the Syrian public. We do not accept what Bashar al-Assad has done and we are hostile to what he is doing. It is very obvious where people who ruthlessly murder defenseless people end up in the history of humanity. This is the product of an autocratic mindset and it is not possible for us to accept such a regime."

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