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2010 Presidency Elections of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Special Report by Ahmet Faruk Peker*

Presidency elections for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) are on the horizon as on 3rd of October 2010. In BIH Presidency consists of three members; one Bosniak and one Croat from Bosnia and Herzegovina Federation and one Serb elected from Republika Srpska. A new party (SSB BIH) found by Bosniak media mogul Fahrudin Radoncic is participating in the elections this year for the first time. Can he earn his seat in Presidency of BIH as It's Bosniak member? Radoncic's competitors are current member of the presidency Haris Sijadzic (ZABIH) and Alija İzzetbegovic's (first president of BİH) son Bakir İzzetbegovic (SDA).

Radoncic with no doubt is one of the strongest individuals in Bosnia and Hercegovina as he owns country's highest selling newspaper (average of 50.000 copies daily) ''Dnevni Avaz'', two skyscrapers (Radon Plaza and Avaz Twist Towers) and several constructions throughout Sarajevo. Him participating elections from his newly found party SSB (for a Better Future Alliance) will change the destiny of elections.

Bosnia Herzegovina's most vital problems are lack of strong central government, general poverty, lack of national security (not having a nationwide Police Force) , political tensions. Radoncic is promising to have an undivided multi ethnic state and decisively improving the economy. Some of his political campaigns include building 1200 kilometers of highway connecting Tuzla, Bihac, Mostar between themselves and to Sarajevo, building hydro and thermal power plants, reinstate gender equality, strengthening the state sovereignty and integration with NATO and the EU. He is also promising to stop the sale of state property, corruption, state mafia, conflicts and self-destruction, political attacks against religious communities, especially the Islamic Community in BiH.

On 2nd of September Radonic held a press conference at party headquarters Avaz Twist Tower. "We are confident that the citizens will accept our offer to together beat poverty, because we unfortunately hold the top position in this category in Europe, that we beat unemployment, because we are also on top in this category, and that we beat corruption and the state mafia, because we are on top in this category as well. We seek an absolute victory, because only an absolute victory will allow us to sign a contract with the people", the SBBBiH President said.

Current Bosniak member of Presidency Haris Slajdzic has huge support at the capital Sarajevo but rural votes will decide if he can achieve to win the elections one more time. His election propaganda is 5 +5 formula as 5 economic 5 politic priorities. 5 Economic priorities are dynamic economic growth, energy sector development, construction of transport infrastructure, education, science and information society and agriculture and rural development. Moreover ZABIH's 5 political priorities are reform of the Constitution, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Euro-Atlantic integration, reform of the social, health and pension systems, diaspora and sustainable return and protecting the value of a defensive war.

It will be interesting to see another Izzetbegovic to run for the Presidency again yet SDA's candidate Bakir Izzetbegovic is far from having the support that once his father had who founded SDA and became BIH's first president. However he is still a strong candidate who is supposed to win majority of conservative votes plus Alija's fans votes.

No surprises are expected from the Serb and Croat sides .On the Croat side of Presidency election current Croat member Zeljko Komsic is solely favourite since he is supported both by Croats and Bosniak. The reason of mutual support for Zeljko Komsic is that he served Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Hercegovine under command of Alija Izzetbegovic and received the Golden Lily which is the highest military medal that given by the government and he is married with a Bosniak wife. Nebojsa Radmanovic current member of Serbs for the Presidency has huge support and looks like will be elected again. Yet President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik is the key politician that pioneers Serb voters, thus whoever elected from the Serb side has to cooperate with Milorad Dodik.

Even though Bosniak candidates focus on merely general problems and gives promises for a better economic situation, national security and education they cannot live up to their promises unless they find a way to cooperate with Serbs since Dayton Agreement urges each of the three sides to agree on law making process. Therefore most important task of future Bosniak member seems to be to find a way to deal with Dodik and the other Serb politicians. The dream of stable, promising Bosnia and Herzegovina depends on the coherence of all three members of the Presidency.

*International University of Sarajevo, International Relations

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