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"Daily Telegraph's allegations are not true"


Ruling party of the Turkish goverment is going to enter a lawsuit against Daily Telegraph because of its allegations about the party.

After the newspaper reported that the Iranian government donates 25 million dollars to the AK Party, the political discussions changed dramatically especially in western media.

This is why AK Party's Vice President Ömer Çelik held a press conference regarding assertion.

He said "There is no truth to the allegations. As in all accountable, transparent democracies, there are strict ethics rules in Turkey that apply to funding geared towards political parties, both from domestic and foreign resources. In Turkey, political parties are prohibited from accepting funding from foreign entities. This incident has never happened and those allegations in the news story have no evidence. We are categorically denie them and we want an explanation from the newspaper. "

In an separate statement, the Iranian Embassy in Ankara also rejected the allegations.

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